Other Ways to Enjoy Casinos Besides Gambling

When you think of casinos, you probably think of the bright lights of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. However, you can actually find them all over the country in hot spots or on cruise liners. The main activity you may think of for these venues is gambling. While you might get lucky on a hand of blackjack or a pull of the slots, your money probably won’t last long if you stick to gambling the whole time. You should explore some of the many other activities available at casinos to have a great time and stick to your budget. Some of these include:

Fine Dining

You’ll find a lot more than just all-you-can-eat buffets at casinos. Some of the top restaurants in the world are found in these establishments. Chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay have restaurants in casinos. You can enjoy some of the finest dining for a special occasion, such as celebrating your anniversary or a great day at the cards. Even if you don’t want to spring for a gourmet meal, you can still enjoy some delicious cuisine from a variety of restaurants. You can try something new and exotic to make your trip a memorable one.Live Entertainment

Many top acts perform at these venues. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Celine Dion perform in Las Vegas. However, you can see quality entertainment no matter what city you’re in. You might discover local acts, or you might get lucky and catch a celebrity who’s on a tour. You may also be able to catch some live poetry or even a play. It’s worth checking the schedule in advance before you plan your trip to make sure you get a chance to see the acts you’d like to see. If you know someone big will be touring, you may think it worth it to wait to plan your trip until then.

Children’s Zone

Casinos aren’t just for adults. Many are now offering family friendly activities that even young children can enjoy. That way, you can enjoy your adult fun while your children enjoy more age-appropriate activities. Some children’s activities might include wax museums, arcades, and amusement parks. You can find rides like roller coasters or drop zones in some places. Other possibilities include jump zones, aquariums, small zoos, and children’s museums. You should be able to find activities that everyone in the whole family will love, making it a great vacation for all.You can do a lot more at casinos than gamble. Whether you are planning an extended vacation or just a day trip, you can enjoy fine dining, take in some live acts, and even let the kids have some fun of their own. You can have a new experience every time you go, helping you to make every vacation memorable. You’ll also be able to make your budget last instead of blowing it all on craps.

Bulgarian Casino Tourism Growth Potential

Despite the slowing of interest in the Bulgarian real estate market from British clients in the past year, the market has fared better compared with similar near-by markets. Tourism has steadily grown in the country at a rate of around 6.5% per annum, appealing to larger variations of the mass market in recent years.

Bulgaria was in fact, one of the few regions that experienced positive growth in 2008, slowing down only in the final quarter. The country is only beginning to realize its full potential for tourism and real estate growth, enabling more extensive attractions than simply skiing and beaches.

Russian investors are currently looking very favourably towards Bulgaria as the ideal location for Casino tourism. Having long been a favoured holiday destination for wealthy Russians, the Bulgarian market could be set for massive expansion. Already attracting many Turkish and Greek visitors, the Bulgarian casinos in popular touristic regions are planning huge expansion projects, as a bid to capture the Russian market.The July 1 2009 banning of gambling in Russia, except for within specially allocated zones, lead to huge outcries from the sector and key players. With no facilities or infrastructure in place in the specially designated zones of Siberia, Kaliningrad and other remote areas, the industry is looking towards Bulgaria as a preferable relocation option.

As the real estate sector in Bulgaria is considered to have reached the lowest point of its slump, stability and future growth are on the horizon. Plans for the introduction of mega-casinos converting Bulgaria into a Las Vegas for Russian clientele, is assured to see a huge re-growth of interest and demand, as property prices in touristic regions increase.

Relocation to Bulgaria of Russia’s key industry players will see the creation of thousands of jobs, along with a potential US $200 million of annual tax revenue. After the Bulgarian property market saw the worst of its slump in January and February of 2009, the market appears to be growing as the interest picks up.The slowdown of the market has been mainly caused by investors attempting to cash-in on their investments, as often finances were required to overcome economic situations in home countries. Speculators holding back from the market as the demand to sell increased, caused an immediate halting in the sector.

As the world’s economy begins to improve, buyers have started to make the most of the incredible bargains that can be found in sought after markets. In comparison to surrounding regions, Bulgaria received only a slight dent. With the introduction of mass Russian investment on the horizon, the future for property investors to the Bulgarian market is expected to be lucrative.

The Biloxi Go Zone – Government Incentive Opportunities

Benefits of Investing in the Go Zone

Since being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2005, Biloxi, Mississippi has undergone significant economic growth. Biloxi’s economy is better than it was prior to the storms. Thanks to a shortage of real estate — and government incentives to investing the form of tax breaks (also known as the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act or “Go Zone” Act) — Biloxi will continue to grow over the years.

A critical housing shortage

Hurricane Katrina destroyed Biloxi, gutting it of rental and residential real estate. The area was partially evacuated before and during the storm, but many residents returned. Currently, many people are living in FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers, but this is a temporary solution. The federal government has firm evacuation dates for the trailers. Other Biloxi residents are staying with friends or relatives, but they long to return to the area and have real estate to call their own.

Through generous government incentives and tax breaks, real estate rebuilding is continuing at a rapid pace in the Biloxi area. However, it is not happening rapidly enough. The demand for housing far exceeds the supply. Currently, residents of Biloxi are paying between $1,000 and $1,300 per month to rent in the area. These are rental rates that are competitive with some of the most expensive American cities. The number of people who want to own or rent homes far exceeds the number of vacant housing units.Go Zone investing opportunities abound

The United States Congress passed a bill in December 2005 in order to address the real estate shortage. The Gulf Opportunity Zone Act proposes government incentives in the form of tax breaks to assist people in rebuilding the area. The US government is offering Go Zone Investors a total of $260 million in incentives to fuel continued real estate and economic growth in the Gulf Zone.

One of the most beneficial features of the Go Zone Act is a 50 percent bonus depreciation to build a new property for sale or rental. Another important benefit of investing in the Go Zone is the number of qualified private activity bonds that are tax-exempt, and can be used to build retail and other non-residential establishments.

Investors are able to build residential rental projects that accommodate low-income Biloxi residents in need of affordable housing. Mississippi residents are paying upwards of one thousand dollars a month to rent, and are facing government housing evacuation deadlines. Therefore, there will continue to be many renters in need of affordable and quality real estate.

Economic growth is skyrocketing, as well. The waterfront casinos in Biloxi that were destroyed by the storms have been re-built on dry land, and more casinos are expected to be added. There is a great interest in casinos as a tourist attraction — for example, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville casino will attract large numbers of tourists once construction is complete. There is a shortage of tourist accommodations in Biloxi, and Go Zone tax breaks and incentives make it easy and affordable to build hotels and motels on that land. Over the next several years, tourism — and, consequently, the demand for accommodations — will only increase.

Biloxi’s economy is soaring, as well. It will continue to grow over the years, and several factors are driving that growth. These include:

  • A critical housing shortage, which results in continued, steady appreciation of real estate values
  • Continued growth of casinos, and, in turn, toursim
  • A major military presence, including Keasler Air Force Base, which contributes significantly to the economy
  • Major companies in Biloxi, such as Dupont, GE Plastics, and Chevron seeking to hire many more quality employees

As more jobs come to the Biloxi area, more workers will follow. These workers are in need of affordable rental units. Therefore, building in the Go Zone is a profitable and sound financial undertaking.

Supply and Demand

A combination of economic growth, expanding tourism, and crucial housing shortages all contribute to a major demand for real estate in Biloxi. The current supply of housing and accommodations falls short of the demand. As a result, rental and real estate values are soaring, and more real estate must be built immediately.The Go Zone act offers low-risk government incentives, allowing investors to help rebuild the Go Zone while acquiring real estate holdings guaranteed to increase in value for the foreseeable future. The media has devoted much attention to housing “busts,” which are especially prevalent in many “hot growth” regions like California and Texas. Many people are reluctant to invest in real estate lately, fearing that when the “housing bubble” bursts, their real estate will depreciate significantly in value.

By contrast, analysts predict that growth in the Go Zone region will continue for at least five years, and likely longer. CNN Money has, in turn, declared Biloxi to be a “bust-free” market, meaning that growth is expected to continue without significant pause or downturn.

The decision to invest in Go Zone real estate is a mutually beneficial choice. Investors are improving their own financial situations, as well as the lives of Biloxi natives and residents. Because of the current rental unit shortage, real estate is sorely needed, and value appreciation is significant. The Gulf Zone Opportunity Act, which provides significant bonus depreciation and major loan forgiveness, makes investing in the rapidly growing Biloxi area a smart choice.